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RE: (TFT) word value

David wrote:

"Consider.  A characters' statistics and abilities are a combination of 
and words.  What I am suggesting is that the rate at which numerical 
are increasing is causing a simultaneous devaluing of word meanings. 
another way.  Math is beating the brains out of vocabulary.  Math, 
and formulas have multiplied, propagated, overgrown their original 
fields and
completely erased the lines of definitions that used to exist between 
It's excessive and out of balance."

"I remember early role playing to be a nice balance between new 
vocabulary and
new formulas.  I am merely bringing a way for GM's to see what their 
do not.  Namely that this period of post modern deconstructionism is 
coming to
an end.  Breaking things down to smaller and smaller pieces to see how 
work is almost played out.  Coalagulation lies in our future.  The 
ability to
join small pieces together and get a larger result."

Doesn't this describe many changes in our society. I think I agree and 
it's just human nature to some degree. This happens with any set of 
rules. People get used to the rules as written and want to make them 
"better" so the usually add or provide more detail to spice things up. 
So what's to be done about it?

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