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RE: (TFT) Lethal

Sounds like an interesting little military/miniatures campaign.
Maybe Chris can incorporate this into his tactical challenges game? Make the
focus be more on building a company of men than building super-characters?
Also, within the context of a military campaign, you could use New Followers
to represent promotion and advancement. Characters beginning without new
followers are the equivelant of privates. When they gain New Followers they
become squad leaders. Then when they gain another new follower (thereby making
a squad leader a New Follower) they become the equivelant of a Lieutenant. And
so forth.

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------DMGII asks------------------
    How do you rule?
Interesting idea.

It won't be easy or automatic, but it is sort of possible.

Most new followers will not innately also be natural leaders, but PC1 can
attract a bunch of followers and train them up.  Assuming that he leads his
band successfully and well they will advance and can learn the new followers
talent.  Also the reputation of his team will increase, which should help
Once the first generation of recruits are trained up, a break from action to
engage in a recruiting drive could lead to attracting a nice little band of
recruits (who  may need to be outfitted and supported during a training
to generate an appropriate command and control structure, and they must learn
how to function as units) with each of the PC's direct followers as a
platoon leader.

Not quite an army, but maybe a small mercenary or adventuring company could
built this way over a few years.  (unless of course the talent descriptions
make it clearly impossible -i am commuting and cannot check the rules - in
which case I would allow it anyway under the GM fiat clause).

Now there are some economic implications as well.  The band has to be
at least as well as the next best job they qualify for on the jobs table,
possibly with a danger bonus, to be incented to stay.  And once a first tier
follower has a well trained, well equipt, veteran  platoon that is loyal to
him, he may well be tempted to start a little band of his own.  Also the band
may start to attract attention (positive or negative) from existing local
powers.  So we are chock full of potential plot  twists for our little band.

So  I'd rule the way I usually do:
the player can try what he'd like to, and we'll see how it plays out in
the game world.


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