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RE: (TFT) Lethal

Something I do in my home game to reflect the lethal nature of the game
is to add an IQ check when a player or creature starts taking life
threatening damage.

When a combatants ST is 1/2, test 3/IQ
When a combatants ST is 1/4, test 4/IQ

If the roll is failed, it doesn't mean that a creature or player runs
away from combat necessarily, they may try to break and run for some
cover-they may attempt to dodge instead of attack that turn to protect

 As a referee it makes me be more creative in combat with creatures
against the players.  
For the players it makes team work more important as they don't want to
lose a good sword arm in the middle of a fight.

Overall the lethality is what draws me to the game and makes it the one
RPG I am still willing to play.  I didn't like D&D after 5th level as
previously deadly foes, suddenly became an annoyance to wade through.
When combat ceases to be something you fear as a player then it is time
to quit playing.

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