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Re: (TFT) Lethal

I see some seemingly needless overstatement (like the intro sentence "There is only one game in the world that is fair to the monsters, and that is TFT.") and details I'd quibble with, but in general, yes. And it went a long way to make me dissatisfied with all other RPG's, especially typical computer RPG's, but it wasn't just fairness and lethality, but also logic and tactics. In TFT, logic and tactics are means to increased chance of success and survival, even some degree of security. In D&D-originated systems, success comes from being an order of magnitude or more better than your opponents, usually expressed in hit points, and in CRPG's the tactic is mainly to only engage when you have a big safety buffer of hit points, and retreat and heal when it starts to run low, while the monsters do no such thing and make no real active response.

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