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RE: (TFT) Lethal

--- brandon@pokemon-seattle.com wrote:
"Overall the lethality is what draws me to the game and makes it the one
RPG I am still willing to play.  I didn't like D&D after 5th level as
previously deadly foes, suddenly became an annoyance to wade through.
When combat ceases to be something you fear as a player then it is time
to quit playing."

I feel the same way. Also vice versa - I don't particularly want to adventure in a world where there are many foes whom I have no chance against until I murder many inferior foes to become more uber myself. Nor do I relish having many battles which involve me winning largely by virtue of my superior supernatural ability to absorb many many injuries, with little or no maneuver or tactics involved aside from picking my fights based on power level comparisons.
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