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RE: (TFT) Lethal

Love the idea and kind of have it incorporated already.  

Roughly, hirelings who survive each mission can be offered to stay on or
let go by the commander after each mission.  

To retain a hireling, 3/IQ roll is made versus the hirelings IQ modified
by the leaders renown. 

Every 5 missions a leader is successful, gains him 1 renown point

To hire veterans or special troops (a wizard for example) a 3/IQ roll is
made modified by the merc leaders renown. (also their cost to hire is
steep if successful recruit roll is made)
A merc or leader who survives 3 missions can add +1 to a skill or they
can save the points and a merc/ leader who survives 6 missions can add
+1 to a stat.

Having to make the recruit roll (modified by renown) to retain a
hireling makes the coming and going of valued troops an interesting post
battle experience.

Trying to recruit some magic muscle also becomes a challenge (high IQ)
so it works into what I consider a good economic model where powerful
wizards don't simply trot off to rescue a maiden for a bag of gold...but
they might if you have enough renown to make the mission sufficiently
high profile.  

In addition the leader gets a larger share of the treasure (both loot
and job pay) but must use his $$ to better equip his hirelings if he
wants them to have better armor, weapons, shields etc and must save it
to recruit new troops and keep paying his current hirelings as they may
stay..but you still have to pay them for each mission you use them in.

Also each mission a hireling survives increases his cost per mission by
10 gold.  So do you hire cheap rookies for the upcoming mission? Or pay
extra for skilled veterans?

Sorry so long and a bit jumbled...

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