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(TFT) meta

    I trust there are no beginers here and that everyone can read each of the
following definitions while thinking about another concept at the same time.
Namely how you would run a campaign of this type.  Also, I assume there
everyone is already familiar with each one of these.  So as your mind passes
over them, give some awareness to what ideas spring to mind if you were
running a campaign based on each seperate philosophy in turn.

Type of Metaphysical Theory

     The world of everyday life, and the unssen world of true realities.

     Plato is of an unseen world of Ideal forms, Aristotel is of a
"this-world" is knowledge.

     Revelation is truth.  Reflecting on this world leads the mind to perceive
the unchanging.

     Adopted from Galileo that things are not made of color, smell, or feel,
but are made of shape, size, mass, and mobility; giving us the grid coordinate

     There is no such thing as mater, the only thing that exists is the mind,
and experience in the mind.

     Only Matter exists.  Thoughts, numbers, and human institutions can be
reduced to only existing "in our minds," and the mind is made of matter.

     Not everything is matter, but whatever exists can be explained in natural

     "To explain something in natural terms is to explain it on scientific
lines; naturalism is in fact a proclamation of the omnicompetence, or final
competence, of science.
     There can be many different scientific ways to explain one phenomonon.
Naturalism can afford to be liberal.  It is important however to make out that
the scientific account of a set of happenings takes preceedent over any

Mostly western tradition.  Yes.  Next a few discarded Meta systems.

David Michael Grouchy II

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