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(TFT) meta

   Once again, as you skim these, consider them as if you were running a
campaign based on each one in turn.

Discarded meta systems

     Everything is made of successively cooler states of light.

     A spritual quest for hidden wisdom or truth.

Miracle working
     An extrodinary or astonishing happening that is attributed to the
presence and action of an ultimate or divine power.

     This one is so alien I have to explain it in relation to Einstein.  Bear
with me.  It will take a few paragraphs.
     Take a glass of water, swirl it around and set it down on a table.  Now
pour salt into it.  Look down into the glass.  Notice how the particles of
salt align themselves into a pattern similar to a galaxy.
     Monadism holds that since gravity is infinite in range, and since the
spin neutralizes all other actions, the pattern is a result of the shape of
the large galaxy.  That all small things are complete reflections of the
entire whole.
     Einstein said put a glass of water on a table, pour salt into it and
watch it from the side.  Notice how the grains seem to bounce around randomly.
He says that this is because the grains are so much larger than the molecules
of water.  Rather like a beach ball at a rock concert they are tossed hither
and fro with no pattern.
     This is called brownian motion and is considered proof of the atomic
theory.  It is cited here only because it serves to illustrate perfectly what
monadism is not.

     The smallest irreduceable atom of reality is actually made of only one
thing, and that thing is a Theory.  Various combinations and angles of that
theory make up all reality, and the enlightened individual who knows this
theory is quite powerful.

Next, and last my own that I have used for over twenty years.

David Michael Grouchy II

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