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(TFT) meta

I use the following six meta systems simultaneously in my campaign.  I showed
the classical western ones, then some of the discarded mystical ones, to
contrast to my own.   It is my hope that this will serve one purpose.  To
entitle any GM who hasn't been operating from some philosophical or meta
premise to start.  And to show that we need not be restricted by any classical
or prevailing thought system what-so-ever.
    In fact my meta systems are laughably simplistic.

Exploration: expand existing maps to add area.

Rescue Mission:  A team is cut off, or trapped, and require rescue.

Guard a vein:  One of the remaining veins of mithril has been found.

Supply:  Carry in supplies, potions, ammo, and carry out ore.

Explore a gate:  A magical gate has been found, take a team through.

Burn a bridge:
There are many bridges over deep cracks and smoking pits.  Chaos uses them to
move troops.

Instal and elevator:
Replace the old Dwarven elevator.  Used for rapid deployment to the deeper

Baby sitting a noble:

Many times nobles want to bag a chaos creature.  They need professional
experienced protection.

That it.  Those are mine.  I think one of them was made into a TV series.  But
you may be thinking to yourself, "hell these don't really count do they?"  And
my answer is ah! maybe so, but do you know that the ore mithril is made of?
That's right.  Mithril is made of metaphysical theories, or discarded beleifs
depending on the purity.

    Thus a player in my campagin can come in and play in a cartesian reality
side by side with someone else who favors a Mystical adventure.  My role as GM
is to determine which one the player wants, even if they themselves are
unaware of it, and to let them have it as they expect it to work.  Perhaps now
the gentle reader can see why I don't think the 18th level is a more valid
definition of a hero than TFTs.  Infact too me it seems less so.

David Michael Grouchy II

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