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Re: (TFT) New Jobs: Knights

Yeah, the landless knight is definitely assumed to be "retained". He's the
feudal version of the household troop, paid by the lord under whose banner he
fights. It's the most appropriate player-character knight, capable of joining
a lord's service and then leaving that service in search of adventure. Or, one
could justify the salary based on winnings at various tournaments.
I completely agree about the salaries. I actually think the salaries are quite
high. Most Manors were self-sufficient and, to my knowledge, not much else.
However, the job still has to be attractive as compared to other jobs on
the Into the Labyrinth List. So salary is based on comparison to established
jobs (using the Mercenary jobs as a template) and the number of skills and IQ
points required. The alternative, and admittedly more realistic way to go, of
course, is to ignore the Into the Labyrinth jobs, considering those to be
"Cidri" jobs, and come up with an entirely different list of jobs with pay and
risk appropriate to a coin-poor feudal setting. Or you could get creative as
to what the salary represents. For example, the salary could represent winning
tournaments. It could represent loot gained by raiding one's neighbors.  It
could represent ransom acquired in the same manner. Although admittedly those
all would probably be more fun to
 actually game-out.
The logic behind the New Followers is as follows. A Manorial Lord doesn't
merely provide himself and his household troops to his lord. He also provides
yeomen taken from his lands. If operating on his own (responding to a raid,
going out on a raid himself) he has to convince those yeomen to join his
expedition above and beyond their feudal obligations. New followers provides
the mechanism by which he can do it.
I actually thought that kind of fit into the knight-development suggested by
these jobs. All knights begin as a squire (again, this is way too high a
salary...it should probably pay nothing). When they learn courtly graces they
become a knight. From a meta-game perspective, what kind of a knight they
become is based on their other skills. (in realitiy it would mostly be based
on birth, but there were also plenty of non-heridatry custodians of fiefs). A
squire that goes the route of a landed knight doesn't really have any IQ left
over for alternative skills. Sword, Shield, Polearms, Charisma, New Followers
and Courtly Graces all take up every bit of the minimum 11 IQ. A landless
knight, however, could be a potentially more effective combatant, spending
points on expert horsmanship, physiker, tactis, and so forth.
Courtly graces is the biggest issue I have with these jobs. It's a massive IQ
11 talent. Knights were generally not known to be the sharpest knives in the

I'm not seeing Leadership. What IQ is that?
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What is the task of a landless knight, and who pays him to do it? Seems to me
landless knight describes a status rather than a job. I'm not sure what the
name of the job of a landless knight retained by a lord might be offhand,
- Retained Knight, maybe?

Landed knights were paid a portion of the produce of their fiefdom, so it
that would vary a lot.

Also I would not expect every actual knight to have or need charisma or new
followers, though they would both be helpful skills. Leadership would be
another useful one, perhaps closer to a requirement than the others to my


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Inspried by Grail Quest, and for your perusal and/or criticism:

REQUIREMENTS: 3 weapon skills, Horsemanship
PAY: $75
RISK: 5/16

DANGEROUS JOB: Knight Bachelor (Landless Knight)
REQUIREMENTS: 3 weapon skills, Horsemanship, Courtly Graces
PAY: $150
RISK: 4/16

DANGEROUS JOB: Landed Knight (Manorial Custodian)
REQUIREMENTS: 3 weapon skills, Horsemanship, Charisma, New Followers, Courtly
PAY: $200
RISK: 4/17

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