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Re: (TFT) New Jobs: Knights

Leadership... I failed a memory check, apparently. Sorry, I don't see it in ITL either - I must've been thinking of the Leadership skill in GURPS.

I guess I see Courtly Graces, Charisma and New Followers as clearly very useful but not required for knightly stations, but of course we're mainly playing with definitions here. One could define that the jobs work that way if you have those talents, but that they can be held without them, just with side-effects.

I don't see a landed knight needing to have marked personal skills (New Followers) in order to successfully get people to do things for him - in many cases I'd expect someone just needs to say "Sir Bob requires you to X...". The cases where that doesn't work would be where Talents would make him more effective. But I'm being picky and detail-oriented here, as I often am.

Courtly Graces... to me represents effective use of aristocratic arts, but not every aristocrat is effective - sometimes they just have aristocratic airs and habits but they may still hold high positions due to other talents or circumstances.
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