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(TFT) Town Guard

Town Guard

     It didn't take long.  Citizens have gotten so familiar with our read
feathered Arrows, and our aimed shots forcing them to drop their weapons, that
now they do it on their own.  In an incident last week one arrow shot into a
group of five armed men, and all five dropped their weapons.

     As sargent of the the guard I appreciate the enchantment on this
ceremonial arrow.  I carry it with pride.  But it almost seems redundant.  I
can see a use for it if we ever run into a heavily armored person who refuses
to yield.

     Sargent of the guard

ST 10     Horsebow, cutlass, main-gauche
DX 13
IQ   9   Bow(2), Missile Weapons(3), Sword(2), UC I(2)
            Arrow of drop weapon

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