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(TFT) Do you remember the first time you died? (part 2)

    Later I am comparing notes with Robbie Flammang.  Telling him about
Roberts new campaign on a poster board.  And about my 43 year career as a
father of centar.

     Robbie tells me yeah, I know.  I encountered Orcus.  Hes like this
greater demon, with this huge belly.  So I ran, but he flies way faster than I
can can run, and just flies over and lands in front of me.  And I bounce off
his fat belly.  And he laughs Ha Ha Ha _ HaH _.  So I run away.  But he just
flies over me and lands in front of me, and I bounce off of his fat belly
again.  So . . .  So, I attack him.  Well . . . He touches me with his wand
and I die.

     I nod my head knowingly.

David Michael Grouchy II
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