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(TFT) I remember the second time I died

I remember the second time I died.

     I remember the second time I died.  Robby Flammang is the DM.  The
highest I ever get in AD&D was the third level.  I just got my first Henchman.
We have spent a great deal of time filling out a sheet on him, spending my
gold money to get him equipped.  And off we go.

     We come to a tower.  There is a locked door and two goblins with spears
on top.  Ok, so Im still really new at this and I dont know what to do.  I
figure the door being locked is a problem.  I remember my new henchman can
pick locks.

     My henchman can pick locks  I say.  I send him to pick the lock.

     All of a sudden my DM looks like something I have never seen before.  His
eyelids come halfway down over his eyes,.  Im not sure if anyone in the room
is breathing.  I can see the powder blue carpet we are sitting on even now.
He drops his pencil on his note pad and there is the sound of finality to it.

     Ok.  He says.  In inhales one long important breath.  Im on the edge.
Hes dead.  The goblin just leans over, drops his spear  Robbie leans
forward, with his hand in a fist, just opens his hand, and hes dead.


     From that height he doesnt even have to try, gravity does the rest.
Yes, even in grammar school my friend is a physics nerd.  But thats another
story.  Currently Im devastated, and Im confused.  He didnt even roll dice.
We arent using any kind of map, so I have no idea what hes seeing in his

     Let me see if I can figure out what is going on.  Ohhh yeah . . .
Getting third level.  I have encountered a Salamander.  Something he rolled up
I think.  But I am hopelessly out matched.  As we read the salamanders level,
stats, immunity to non magical weapons, I know I am toast.

     Robbie says You could use the scroll of reverse gravity you found.

     I said Ok.  Yeah!  I do that.

     He says You slam him against the roof.  Robbie flattens his hand and
then raises it above his head real quick bringing it to a sudden stop.  And
he takes . . .  He rolls two dice.  I can see in his eyes its not enough.
You can slam him back down against the floor.  Robbie flattens his hand and
then slaps it into the other one.

     I nod enthusiastic that this might work.

     He rolls two dice.  Still not enough.  He repeats this up and down
slamming the salamander till its dead.  He then looks up the experience for a
six hit dice Salamander.  This is how I go from half way through level one
straight to level 3.  And as a consequence get a Henchman.

     So now it makes a little sense to me.  Maybe the henchman is a little
much.  But I have spent almost all of my gold on his gear.  And I do feel that
his death is kinda my fault, so maybe I should clean up the mess or something.

     So I say to him Ummm, well.  Ok.  I guess Ill go and get his gear?

     His eyes get big around, he makes the sound of exasperation and says
Well, they kill you too then.  He holds forth his fisted right hand and
opens it.

     Uh.  I pick up my character sheet.  Ok.  And I hand it to him.

     I realize by his reaction that he doesnt want my character sheet, not
really.  He takes it.  Puts it away with the books.  But something tells me
that he is not going to save it.  I feel a little sad.

David Michael Grouchy II

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