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RE: (TFT) I knew this guy, Brett

( formatting trouble, excuse me while I try this again )

     Brett is a bit of a celebrity with the teachers at our school.  He has
180 IQ, builds his own ham radios, and invites me over to spend the night.

     Mostly he shows me stuff in his room.  He has the largest sheet of graph
paper I have ever seen one meter by two.  On it is an entire continent, with
cities on the coast, roads through the heartland, and mountains breaking it up
into different regions.  There is a key on the map, it shows 30 kilometers to
the grid, the five city sizes by population, and road quality.  He says he has
it detailed down to the last villager, even what they are doing at what time
of day.

     When we finally settle in around his massive desk he breaks out the
books.  I break out the character I have rolled up just for the occasion at
home the night before.

     Ok.  Is there anything you have ever wanted.  He asks.

     I tilt my head not too sure.  Its such a broad question.

     He opens the DM guide to the Treasure & Magic item lists.

     You know, some magic item you thought was cool.

     I think the Javelins of Lightning are pretty cool.

     Cool.  He starts rolling.  He rolls some more.  He puts down the book
and rolls again.  And again.  Every result doesnt seem to be the one hes
working for.  So he puts down the dice and with his finger starts skimming the
lists.  Finally after about 2 pages he smiles and taps something, then slides
his finger over reading the percentile required.  Then he turns to the dice
and just starts rolling over and over, faster and faster.

     He stops.  Got it.  Javelins of Lightning.  He looks over to me.
Write that down.  So I do.

     Then he pulls out a character sheet that looks like it has seen a lot of
play.  Now its your turn.  Ive always wanted an Axe of Dwarvish Lord,  and
slides the dice over to me.  Of course I return the favor and start rolling.

     I think I may have killed a blink dog with the javelins before I retired
the character.  It may have been under another DM.  I dont know.  The
character doesnt really mean that much to me.  I certainly cant remember its
name.  I do keep my ears open to see who is gaming with Brett though.  And I
dont ask Brett for another game.

     David Michael Grouchy II

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