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(TFT) I knew this guy, Scott

I knew this guy (Scott)

     Scott Paddock is the coolest.  His older brother and sister are in high
school.  So by association he is practically an adult.  We are so jealous.  On
top of that his parents are never here.

     Huge two story house.  Full size porch the size of the entire front of
the house.  Second story balcony the same size. The gaming room on the second
floor is larger than the dining room.

     Every time we come over to game though I dont think we actually play, as
fun as it is here.  Like one time his sister and her friend catch Scott, my
brother Mark, and I making drinks in the kitchen.  They start talking to us
and tell us they just saw this movie called The Wall and they want to test

     She talks Mark into giving her his hand, pulls him over into the hall
towards the living room and stops him in front of the French doors to the
patio.  Her friend does the same to Scott.  Then the weirdest thing they take
the captured hands up to their mouths and slowly start to kiss and lick them.
Each finger, even sucking on them gently and moving up and down like adjusting
a straw in a milkshake.  Very bizarre, but Mark and Scott seem enraptured by
it.  Once the two look delirious and Mark reaches out to touch her shoulder
the girls stop.

     Ok.  Thats all we wanted to know.  And they are gone.

     Or like another time.  We are sitting around the huge table in the game
room.  Its like a second dining room table with these massive high backed
chairs.  Very plush.  We have the books, sheets, and dice out but we are just
talking.  About stuff, like usual.

     One time its how all the DMs are thinking of making a rotating campaign
where each DM has their own continent.  Characters can travel between them if
they want.  Another its how the DMs at school wont let you use your own
character anymore.  And you _ have _ to roll up a new one just for their
campaign.  Or how players are starting to show up with straight 18s, and DMs
wont accept them.  Some DMs want to make a copy of your character before you
take it to another campaign.  Others just wont accpt any magic item or stat
increase not from their own game.

     But what good is a character that you cant take to a new campaign.
Always having to start over seems wrong.  Something has got to be done about
all this cheating.  DMs letting people raise all their stats to 16 with
wishes, handing out magic items like candy.  Maybe we should form a council of

     Anyway, its one of those types of sessions where we sit around eat, talk,
and have a blast theorizing but we dont actually play.

     His brother comes in the room.

     I want yall to see something.  He goes over to the stereo with an
album that looks like a stack of bricks sketched lightly in thin blue pencil
or something.  Obviously its rock as he misses and has to try a few times to
place the needle on the right track.  Then he turns the volume up to max and
turns up the base.

     It starts real quiet.  Someone is asking Is there anyone . . . out
there.  You can see a circle jump out of the speakers on the words out
there.  Its rather haunting actually.  When its over he takes it off and

     Thats all.  He says.

     That is the last time Mark and I saw him.  Scott Paddock and his older
brother were killed in a collision eastbound on I-10 around 1 am.  A drunk
driver going about 100 crossed the grassy median to strike their car head on.
Darryl told us about  it.  Mark and I have never spoken of him sense, though
we did ride by his old house on our bikes in silence a few times.

David Michael Grouchy II
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