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RE: (TFT) World Shift (S) long

> I didn't understand the rest of your post.

> Aidan

      Upon review I realize that I have never posted the rules for ``Killing
the game``   The post makes a great deal mores sense if one has played that.
I'll gloss over a ton of details and just touch on the salient points.

     Shawn Doucet concepted a game where each turn a character can attack
aother player, or the rules.  Attack and destroy the movement rules and pretty
much only people with ranged attacks can kill other players.  Attack the spell
casting rules and gimp all casters.  Things like that.

     After some testing I moved it away from the books other than ITL.

     In ITL only something in all capitol letters could be attacked, and not
if it encloses soemthing else in all captol letters.  So boating can be
removed, but not talents.  Orcish, but not languages.

     Later I inclued a method of adding rules to the game.  Any game book from
any other game could be added in as a form of a 2 point talent.

      I asked Shawn about the original inspiration and he gave me Zelazny's
Amber series.

      I adjusted it from actually destroying the rules in a game, to shifting
between diffrent worlds with different levels of technology and powers of

      I worked out a conversion system between all the games we played at the
time.  Simple fast, and useable in the middle of combat.

      Players can now make a character with any game system they wish, bring
it to my game and play TFT right alongside the rest of us.

      For instance Car wars characters have really good body armor, but it is
destroyed as it takes damage.  And their cars run out of gas.

      Traveller characters have space ships that can nuke the city from orbit,
but they are quite weak in magical combat and don't increase their stats with
normal experience.

      The phrase for traveling between these different game worlds is to
``divide out`` a rule, or to ``add in`` a rule or new book.

      This may even be less clear than before.  I think I'll just stop now.
Maybe someday I'll tell the whole story of gaming up to that point.

David Michael Grouchy II

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