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Re: (TFT) World Shift (S) long


I must admit getting a little lost in the dividing in and out stuff- my mind must be limited.

As for limiting spell, you wrote:

    So why have anyone ever be ``anointed`` or ``dipped in the waters.``
Unless it is a Limiting built into the enchantment item, or it can be a
limiting rule that governs a gate between worlds. But this just raises the
question, why have a Limiting spell at all.  Does anyone use it.

The "anointing" or "dipped in the waters" is one way of restricting enchantments. If the only way one can be made invulnerable is to have one's nymph(et) mother dip you in the river Styx, well that's not going to happend too often. The mythos limits the access to enchantments to extraordinary events. In Achilles, the method of employing the enchantment left him with a weakness. The same with Siegfried. He eats the dragon's heart and then can suddenly hear the birds talking. He hears them say that if he bathes in the dragon's blood, he will be invulnerable. Okay, if you can slay a dragon then you can get powers. In classic myth, such behavior was heroic and rare. Depending on how one plays the game, slaying of dragons could happen more often. If so, you don't want your players all bathing in the blood- baptizing themselves so to speak- and receiving a major enchantment. The mythos again limits the availability of the enchantment. The laurel leaf also falls between Siegfried's shoulder blades creating a limit on the enchantment itself.

The limiting spell can be very useful. Perhaps "the prophecy" allows only the "chosen one" to use the magic sword. The magic sword only works for the chosen one. So, if a greedy PC/NPC/Villian takes the weapon, then it doesn't work. The chosen one is indispensible.

Why would someone spend more money, and take more time, to put such limiting on everything.

Skeeter the dwarf makes a magical ax. He only wants it used by dwarves so he enchants it with a limiting spell. While expunge keeps enchantments out of the "wrong hands". The limiting spell can keep it in the right hands.

    The current trend is that all the spells are available with the
convenience of a trip to the mall. Everything is usually in stock. No one has to show a license to authorize the purchase. And the purchase does not
automatically put you at war with another chain of stores.

I think this is a common problem. I wouldn't be surprised if there isn't a chain discount store of magic spells, scrolls and enchanted items on Cidri. If not retail, maybe like "Direct Buy" or Cosco. One of my characters came up with a mock publication for a university. The publication was "The Scroll". I pretended it was a monthly/quarterly newsletter and my character was the editor and sole contributor to the magazine. It commented on the events we were role-playing and I made fun of characters and helped the DM out by dropping hints about things to come and fleshed out the world of Azolin. It had advertisements like Uncle Al-Azibo's Magic Emporium which sort of illustrates the "problem". Here's the ad without the hot, sexy pictures. I hope the formatting isn't screwy.

"Come on down to Uncle Al-Azibo's Magic Emporium for our Winter Virgin Sale!!!! You heard right. It's our second sale of virgins this year. All of the early Spring Virgins sold out, but Uncle Al-Azibo has come through for his customers. These virgins are 100% pure magical-grade virgins. These lassies will meet any of your conjuring needs. They are checked and double-checked and ASS certified (Azolin Sorcerer's Society). Surprise ole Beelzebub with one of these honeys and he'll be forever grateful. Don't accept cheap imitations from disreputable bazaar merchants- your life and soul may depend on the purity of your virgin. Trust Uncle Al-Azibo! Get'em while supplies last.

Refurbished Virgins. Uncle Al-Azibo sells refurbished virgins too. We've found a supplier of refurbished virgins from the Eastern Kingdoms that produces a great product. No, you can't use them in magic rituals, but they can be used for just about anything else a virgin is good for. Most people can't tell the difference. Uncle Al-Azibo will buy back your used virgins too or give you trade-in value when you purchase a "fresh" model. Uncle Al-Azibo cannot accept virgins who have consorted with demons-there are just some things you cannot fix.

Uncle Al-Azibo's Magic Emporium, 1122 Dragon Way, Hillstride.

*Disclaimer: the alleged virgins appearing in this advertisement may not represent the quality or appearance of any actual virgins, fresh or refurbished, sold at Uncle Al-Azibo'S Magic Emporium. Come on, there's a reason why they're virgins!

I didn't understand the rest of your post.


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