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(TFT) The conclusion


     The first female D&D player I ever heard of is Robbie Flammangs younger
sister Laurie.  She makes a character and names her Wonder Woman.  I am struck
by this.  My first reaction is like ``wuner _ woman _ ?``  But I try and think
of an alternative.  And think.  And I realize, you know what, society really
hasn`t provided that many choices.

     At the time Wonder Woman really is a top choice.  The only living
examples I can think of are Diana Ross, or Dinah Shore.  But they aren`t
really the action hero type.  It`s hard to picture them firing a crossbow, or
sword fighting an ogre.

     Then there are the two girls who show up at the public library one
Saturday.  We have a reserved meeting room to play D&D in, but the listing is
public.  One has dark hair, smiles around her glasses and is quiet, filling
the room with her feminine presence.  The other is read head, flirty, and the
boy sitting across the table from her suddenly blushes and looks down at her
foot on his knee.

     She peals a laugh off the ceiling.  She works her way around the room
touching, pressing up against, and putting her eye close to the eye of each
boy in the room.  When she gets to me I can smell her breath and I realize she
might be drunk.  Finally she picks one, spends some time whispering in his ear
and then he leaves with the two of them.

     Then it happens.  Religion starts denouncing D&D as satanic.  Even adding
D&D books to the regular rock album burning.  Half my friends don`t ask to
play any more and numbers dwindle from there.  Darryl Mccreary calls, upset.
We can still come over, we can still play, but his mom won`t let him play D&D
anymore.  In addition D&D is canceled from activities day on Friday at school.
Most of us just elect for study hall in the commons area that is outside the
lunch room.  Though one guy joins the chess club.

David Michael Grouchy II

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