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(TFT) First encounter with water

Our first encounter with water in a dungeon

     ``. . . And there is a stream flowing through the room.``



     ``Wait what?``

     We all wake up.  Robbie flips the dungeon Map around and shows us a
stream that cuts across several rooms.  Then he quickly turns the map back and
hides it behind his screen.


     ``As mapper I realize that Ward is in a quandary so I stall for time by
getting specifics from the DM``

     ``From the looks of that map it`s flowing from southwest on to the north
east . . . ish?``  I pick up my pencil again.


     ``It enters the room about 15 feet from the south wall and exits about 25
feet from the north wall.``

     Robbie looks down behind the screen ``Yes.``  He moves his hand behind
the screen ``Um, 35 from the north wall.  It exists 35 feet from the north

     I erase a little of the map and brush away the eraser remains.  Then
while redrawing say ``Is it clear.  I mean can we see how deep it is.``

     Robbie sounds like he`s making it up now.  ``Oh . . . ten feet I guess.``
He frowns.  ``If you`ve got torch light that is.``

     I motion to Darryl who steps in perfectly.  ``I have a lit torch.`` He
shows the DM his mime version of the torch of the Olympic runner sitting

     Ward finally speaks ``Ok.  We leave it.  We leave the room.``

     Darryl mimes handing the torch to me.  ``I hand the torch to him.``

     ``Ok.``  Says Robbie puzzled.

     ``. . . and jump in.``

     Ward ``What!?  No!``

     Robbie looks shocked.  Real quick he moves his right hand like a one
armed umpire ruling someone just slid into base and is safe.  ``The current
sweeps him away.``

     Ward ``No, you dumb asp.``

     Darryl grins at Ward ``To late.``

     Not that it`s a clear case of mutiny Ward hardens his position.  ``The
rest of us leave the room.``

     Robbie picks up a few dice.  He looks like he`s going to get up and take
Darryl to the other room.  He looks at Darryl.  An entire encounter plays out
in his eyes.  He slowly moves his hand forward.  Then just as slow he gently
places the dice down on the table side by side.  Contemplating the dice he
adjusts them by lining them up perfectly.

     He turns to Ward.  ``Ok.  The corridor continues on . . .``

    We fight our way across the dungeon.  It takes about an hour of game time.
Darryl just sits quietly with a warm smirk the whole time.  I remember
thinking this is the first time I have seen a DM let the majority maintain
control of the narrative and not the one lone player who breaks off from the
group.  This may be the better way.

     We enter a room.  Darryl is unarmed, sitting next to a fire and playing
cards with some orc.  We kill them all and give his sword and gear back to

     Darryl says  ``What took you so long?``

     Now all of a sudden every game I`m in, orcs don`t attack right away.

     Scott Johnson ``They have some bunk beds and foot lockers.  They are
sitting around a table with a bottle of wine and playing cards.``

     Darryl ``I pee on a bed.``

     Scott Johnson ``They attack.``

     Me ``The entrance to the dungeon is covered by prison bars and a closed
prison door.  Behind it are two kobolds with spears.  One has the keys on his

     Mark ``Let us in.``

     ``Why should we.``

     Ward ``I`ll pay you if you do.``

     ``Ha.  Fat chance.  You`ll just kill us and take it back.``

     Ward  ``Look.  We`re coming in there and we are going to kill . . .
everybody. So why don`t you do yourself a favor, open the door, take the gold,
and run away.``


     ``The innkeeper is a gnoll.  He``ll sell you supplies but he wants you to
promise you won`t kill any of his kind.``

     Jimmy ``Yeahhh . . .  Sureeee . . . We promise.``  Wry grin.

David Michael Grouchy II

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