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Re: (TFT) First encounter with water

Funny stories.? The group I started playing TFT with is a set of the strangest, twisted geniuses I've ever met.? And, while it did play out that sometimes we allied ourselves against the GM to make bold choices like you're describing, more frequently the group would turn and?twist?with devilish greed and lust for power!

Our players were very seldom people you could trust.? I don't mean the characters, I mean the players.? The mages would try to sneak items off of the dead without others seeing.? The fighters would move to block another person from getting the dex bonus "gravy" if their blow failed to kill their combatant.? People lied, cheated and stole whatever they could, whenever they could.? And it didn't stop there.? People would try to use loaded dice,? the GM always had to count every roll himself, and the GM also kept track of all perishable items, strength and fatigue points with great care.? 

You could trust no one.? One player hired 20 hit men to assasinate another player's character in town before the next campaign because he didn't like the character's name and the chosen unarmed combat V with hammerslam and a cross of flight config (btw.. the character almost got away).? Our physicker doctors charged money for bandaging.? Items were never rolled for or "taken in turns".? Every item that dropped in a campaign was fought over with logic or blackmail.? Things like "you'll never make it out of here alive without me" were commonplace tactics.? There was a debate over every player who died to see if they were "needed" enough to justify the healing magic or to resist the tempation to split up their magic items.? 

The bad-blood ran deep with the group to such an extent that actual wrestling fights broke out and rooms were trashed.? But, I would not have traded it for the world!? No game is more exciting than the game of treasure seeking with an unscrupulous lot.? Imagine the inner conflict of seising an object that you know the big dumb fighter wants and needs, and that you can't even use.? Then imagine using tricks and actually making him roll against his IQ to out-wit you, a much more intelligent character.?Then imagine trading that same item with the same character you just tricked for another item?they have.? And finally, Imagine playing the rest of the campaign with the player who F'n hates your right now for stealing his stuff, but that he can't break character because he lost the IQ rolls fair and square.? Do you think he's going to run to your aid later?? 

How do you play when you're not sure that anyone has your back.? As the fastest character, you move out into the room and then watch the big, slower, dumb-ape characters move into defensive posture hoping to get better experience next round when the creatures swarm you and are in range for a charge.? And then imagine the glee of the GM who doesn't even have to work very hard to kill off the disfunctional party.? In fact, the GM finds himself lightening up at times just to keep the story going because the group is injured but is selfishly hoarding their healing stashes.? 

All of these guys I'm describing are great friends in real life.? None of them conform to many rules in real life, why expect them to?do it in a game?? I will still travel 500 miles when i hear that the whole group is getting together for another game.? And I won't come packing my scruples.

Good Fortune,

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     ``Ha.  Fat chance.  You`ll just kill us and take it back.``

     Ward  ``Look.  We`re coming in there and we are going to kill . . .
everybody. So why don`t you do yourself a favor, open the door, take the gold,
and run away.``


David Michael Grouchy II

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