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RE: (TFT) Odds Question/Musings

-1 for Horsemanship talent and attacking while mounted.
I don't believe you receive a height advantage for being mounted...otherwise
the -2/-1 penalties for being mounted make absolutely no sense. I think the
unspoken assumption is that the mount and rider are essentially one figure, so
they receive no more height advantage than, say, a giant. Open to
interpretation, of course.
I did make a seperate error in my original post, however. I had thought that
the halberdier attacking the horse would not receive the -2 dex penalty for
attacking a mounted figure. However, the -2 dex penalty is for attacking a
mounted figure *or* its horse. So the set halberdier is at adjDex 11
regardless of who he attacks.

Regarding the previous comment about horse movement. Using the basic stats for
a warhorse found in both Grail Quest and Dragons of Underearth (as opposed to
the more complicated stats found in ITL) the horse is Move 24 ST 30. Using the
special cavalry weight carried rules in Advanced Melee, it's pretty easy to
keep that horse at an 18 move (I think that's x4 Strength or 120 kg or less),
though it's almost impossible to keep it at a 24 move. The light horse at Move
30 ST 20 is also doable (I think that's x5 Strength or 150 kg or less). If
role-playing and adventuring, though, you'd best have a pack horse with you,
because that's assuming an armored rider with standard weapons and pretty much
nothing else. I don't have the rules with me though so maybe I'm
As you can tell I'm really fascinated/obsessed by the mounted combat rules.
Probably because that's where most role-playing and/or miniatures skirmish
systems fall apart.
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