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(TFT) First Magic Items Purchased

What are the first magic items you would buy, not considering weapon/armor

For me it would be a Speed Movement item, because of it's usefulness but
also because its so cheap.  My next item would be either Blur or Stone
Flesh.  Then when I have enough silver a self powered Maintain Illusion.

The above is with the assumption that silver is hard to come by, and that I
struggle to collect the money for each item.

The Speed Movement is first, because the ability to run away is vital to
survival, and so it the ability to make a 12 hex charge attack.  The Blur
and Stone Flesh are pretty much self explanatory.  The self powered Maintain
Illusion is there because it almost doubles the rate I generate experience
points, and diverting attacks to someone who you don't care if they die,
also really helps your survival.

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