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RE: (TFT) First Magic Items Purchased

> For me it would be a Speed Movement item, because of it's usefulness but
> also because its so cheap. My next item would be either Blur or Stone
> Flesh. Then when I have enough silver a self powered Maintain Illusion.

> ed

    I always buy Stoneflesh.  But in a case where I don't get to work AT ALL
before the first adventure, and my first adventure paid off a mizerly sum
(glares at the GM) I would buy a blur ring.
Why not the speed move you ask?  Cause in my campaign that puts you at war
with all the centaur nations.  And well, let me tell you buddy, if they ever
get over their fear of boats, and ever get off their own home contenent, yeah
buddy, boy are they gonna be mad.

David Michael Grouchy II

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