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Re: (TFT) First Magic Items Purchased

At 12:32 -0400 8/19/08, Ed  wrote:
What are the first magic items you would buy, not considering weapon/armor

This is *completely* dependent on what character I'm playing.

archer: Blur or "Sleep" arrow(s)

Halberdier: Speed Movement

Well-armored front-line fighter: Stone Flesh

strong fighter: Eyes-Behind (Sweeping blows) or Hammertouch (HTH)

Explorer: Light or Dark Vision

Sailor: Fresh Air

Low-IQ combat wizard: ST Battery or Dazzle Gem(s)

High-IQ wizard: Flying Carpet

Healer: Cleansing Item

Prices on these vary wildly, so I may not be answering your question in the spirit in which it's intended. But I still claim my choice depends on my character.
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