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Re: (TFT) First Magic Items Purchased

If I'm buying magic, it's almost always of the "single use" variety, stuff like "healing salves" or some type of bomb because I have a feeling that I'll need it.? But, if I ever had excess money to spend on a magic item, normally, i'd try to put an additional spell on an existing item to allow me to take something else off, increasing my 5 item limit.? So, normally, the lower the level spell, the more likely I'll purchase the spell.? But, if cost is no object, then I'd say the greater magic items that bestow talents like acrobatics, alertness, or something similar would be the first draw.? Simply put, anything that essentially expands the IQ pool.? But, if the purchase has to be a spell, I'd say that "remove thrown spell" or "magesight" would be of tremendous use.? In the world where i play, if I was to equip a figher with hammertouch ("hammerslam", we call it), I would become a magnet for bad luck.? Any item?that would consistently put me at the top of the damage list is something you don't want to "buy".? But, if you "find" such an item, then that's really not your fault.? Oh, let's not forget buying an item with a limited wish on it.? If we're just going crazy with the need to spend money, then there's nothing more useful than a wish.

Good Fortune,
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