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RE: (TFT) Theory of dungeons

---- David Michael Grouchy II  wrote: 
> > I agree- all of the below, although I've never really like the randomly
> > populated hole in the ground. That reminds me too much of the
> > module "Caves  of Chaos" from the old AD&D. I think I still have 
> > that!
> >
> Do you think it's possible to start acheiving all of these effects above
> ground?

Well, there's the old "path in the forest" mechanic.  Clearings serve
as rooms, etc.  Hard to implement a multi-level dungeon with this
idea but then, you can really hide the fact that it's a dungeon at all.
Instead of clearing, you come upon an abandoned chapel (one of
my favorite settings), a beast's lair, a brigand camp, ruins, etc, etc.

Leaving the trail could be dangerous (quicksand, bogs, increased
chance of encounters with wildlife, etc.)  For traps, you could have
deadfalls, snares, etc. You can also implement a maze fairly easily
if you wish.

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