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Re: (TFT) Theory of dungeons

I'm definately in favor of dungeons that make sense and are a part of a storyline.? Some of my favorite missions are described below.? Note that the one thing they all had in common was excellent research.

1. Temple Ruins - Group investigating mesa style canyon ruins in rocky desert setting.? Natives were mostly archers attacking from strategic vantage points like cliffs.? Natives were modeled using native american indian tactics, all with running talent, quite a few on horseback.? Everyone in the party eventually put away their two handed weapons and switched to those backup range weapons like throwing axes and bows.? It really let the characters with good stats shine eliminating many of the equipment advantages.

2. Undersea Ruins - Superb GM description involving many "actual" underwater dangers found by cave divers.? Also, there were many GM creation monsters modeled after real plant-life on the sea floor.? Again, this adventure stripped most of the superhero cast of their armor so they could swim.? It was also interesting working in 3D.

3. Treasure Map - An intricate map that could be folded in several ways to reveal clues was drawn and given to the party.? The map was cloth with markings on both sides so it did not retain fold marks.? The party could go in any direction on an island and gather clues that would help them fold the map to reveal more clues.? Random encounters on the island and a competing group of pirates also looking for the treasure kept things moving.? 

4. Rainforest Tribes - An expidition to the deep rainforest leads a large group of adventurers into contact with tribes based on the Yanomami of Brazil and an amalgam of Pygmy and canabalistic tribes.??The objective was to try and strike a peace with three massive tribes to allow boats to travel the river through their territory.? Each of the three tribes had different philosophies and we needed to prove ourselves to each tribal leader.? We fought on different levels of the forest canapy and used talents that are often overlooked.? Also, the Yanomami would snort this green powder that would make their sinuses flow with green snot, but would also give them +2MA and +2ST for a few hours.? Watching our party devolve into tribal fighters and witch doctors was pretty cool.

Good Fortune,

PS. I don't know why my messages have all the question marks in them.? I'm assuming it's because I'm sending email from AOL and there's some wierd hidden characters or something.
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