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Re: (TFT) Theory of dungeons

-- David Michael Grouchy II <david_michael_grouchy_ii@hotmail.com> wrote:
What is your theory of Labyrinths & Dungeons

I have, over the years used many of the resons you mention.  

 A randomly populated hole in the ground - in my youth these were not uncommon

     Almost incomprehensible.  For all practical purposes a remnant of an older civilization. - once or twice - the "security Station" vibe

     Smugglers storage.  At an old exchange point, with loading ramps for air, water, or land.  - I think we've all done this, Pirates too - caverns by the sea make for great pirate bases I am fond of these.

     A research lab. - I have had a couple of nice little dungeons that was an old wizard lab.  the wizard was long dead (over 100 yrs ago) but the zombies and elementals and illusions and traps were all still funtional, so no upkeep costs, just a matter of picking the right defenders.

Others I like

A brigand's hideout - This one shows up occasionally ( like tollenkar ) - where a group of baddies inhabit a dungeon, or ruins.  In my game, Kobalds tend to  lair in tunnel systems adjacent to larger and dangerous (but dumber) creatures (giant slugs, trap door spiders, oteughs in sewers, etc) who provide them with free protection, as long as the kobalds stay alert.  

Also, sewers in general.

And a Hymenopteran hive complex, naturally (think big termite mound)

And lairs of excavators (stone giants, trglydites, umber hulks, etc)

And the occasional subterrainian lair built by a crazy villain (think Bond movies).

Of course "dungeons" dont have to be below ground.  Ruins, an old farmhouse, a forest, a disabled ship (sailing or space) an old space station, an abandoned mining camp (or a mine), and old air natinal guard base, whatever. - though perhaps I am answering too broadly.

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