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RE: (TFT) Theory of dungeons

> From: johnnyboytmm@juno.com

> A research lab. - I have had a couple of nice little dungeons that was an
old wizard lab. the wizard was long dead (over 100 yrs ago) but the zombies
and elementals and illusions and traps were all still funtional, so no upkeep
costs, just a matter of picking the right defenders.

    This is just another one of the areas where TFT excells.  It leaves all
other game systems in the dust, while TFT maintains a stable orbit far above
their petty design flaws.  So many of the things that can populate a lab in
perpetuity, are already built into the rules, balanced against all the other
rules, AND already availiable to the players.

> - though perhaps I am answering too broadly.

   I'm adding these to the list too.  Thank you.

David Michael Grouchy II
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