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RE: (TFT) Theory of dungeons

A research lab. - I have had a couple of nice little dungeons that was an
old wizard lab. the wizard was long dead (over 100 yrs ago) but the zombies

Got this one, too, and it ties up into the whole world thing. As you may remember, my world (which is not Cidri), revolves around Ardonirane. Yes, that Ardonirane, run by the Thorsz. Now, he founded the city 435 years
ago, he and his wizard cronies the council of 13. It sits at the end of a
mountain range that divides the older countries from the younger ones. The old
countries can mostly be thought of as Western Europe, with an odd mix of high
medieval, renaissance, and slightly later. The new countries are more Hyborian
in nature (more primitive, some areas even prehistoric). The Thorsz makes
damned sure that no one crosses the mountains, and collects tolls to pass
through Ardonirane (one at entrance, one at exit, encouraging traders to sell
in the city). Trying to construct a Gate across is a good way to die (if you
could even get the spell).
The kicker is that the Thorsz has been dead for centuries. Seems that the 13
wanted a figurehead, not a ruler. Never trust a wizard to give you a good Youth potion... So recently, one of the 13 didn't like the status quo, but got stomped on by the
others. Using the same means as they use to keep the 'illusion' of the Thorsz,
they keep him around, and they think he's dead. But he's not... quite. Off in the wilderness you can find the remains of his lab, and if you're bright
enough, you can do some detective work to figure out, in general terms, what
happened there. In one of the Flying Buffalo Citybooks, there's a bakery. A bakery who has as an
employee a very senile old man, who occasionally pipes frosting scrolls onto
cakes. Yep, that's out renegade wizard, now with a blasted mind.
As another aside, it turns out that, somewhat parallel to Earth, civilization
began in the west, and some emigrated to the east and became the old countries, while the west declined and is just starting back up the ladder again.
Neil Gilmore
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