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Re: (TFT) Horse Speeds

At 12:46 -0400 8/20/08, Sgt. Hulka wrote:
This is in response to mtapley's weight effects on a mount's speed post, which
in the archives is titled "Re: TFT Digest V3 #1045",

Oops! I read archive, hit "reply", and sometimes forget to edit the subject. Sorry!

 and includes an awesome and very handy chart.

Glad you liked it, and even gladder it was more or less correctly done - I was worried about that, given how much more than I you've studied and gamed cavalry.

... I'd offer up these as tweaks to their full kits:

For your setting, I think I agree completely with your suggestions.

The Cavalry I was presenting were for use in a pretty magic-rich setting, and there were a couple of factors that pushed me towards what I showed:

a) I didn't much care about speed since each horse was going to get a double-size, self-powered "Speed Movement" item as part of its harness. That makes even an MA 12 horse plenty fast against ordinary opponents.

b) I *really* wanted at least cloth barding (or better), since the barding will be enchanted to at least W/A Enchantment 3.

In TFT, if you're using a one-handed weapon and not carrying
a small shield, you're kind of sub-optimal.

Yup. I wanted the free hand to throw stuff for the light cavalry, and was out of mass for the heavy. But I planned to make up for it with enchanted armor.

...for simplicity's sake, when building figures for one-off miniatures
skirmish battles, as opposed to full-on role-playing campaigns, I'd just say
treat a Warhorse as 16 MA unless its rider is wearing plate, or the horse has
leather barding, in which case it drops to 14 MA. Light horses are trickier,
since it's much more difficult to get a cavalryman's kit under 100 kg.

Good approximations, and I had missed the significance of the 16 MA. Thanks!

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