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RE: (TFT) Horse Speeds

>Some rules just slow down the game way too much.? I've always thrown out encumbrance rules in favor of common sense: Richard<

Agreed, when folks tried to carry the kitchen sink I'd have them move like molasses in combat.  "Sorry Gary Grimjaw, the 18 daggers, 4 swords, 2 hatchets, spare chainmail and 100 feet of rope lets you move 1 space in combat, sorry you can't dodge you are too slow...okay you start dropping stuff in combat. Rope 1 turn, you are hit and suffer...4 pts damage... Back pack with chain, one turn....you are hit and suffer 3 pts damage...one battle like that and they get the hint pretty quick.

One player who assured me his character could pack all of this crap made a bashed together a kit and put it all on.  He had a PVC pipe sword in one hand a garbage can lid as a shield, stuffed back pack, canteen, rope, kitchen knives, a heavy leather jacket, motorcycle helmet, and combat boots on. We all walked to the back yard.   

Two of us had baseballs to act as arrows and one guy had a PVC pipe sword and garbage can lid of his own.  The baseball armed fellows got to move 5 steps a turn.  The sword and shield guy got to move 4 steps a turn, and our soon to be bruised know it all got to move 2 steps in one turn. Motorcycle Michael started 6 paces away from the 3 unarmored attackers.  

Turn 1-
Both archers fire, his shield block one he gets hit with one.  The sword guy advances 4.  Michael advances 2.

Turn 2 both archers fire and hit Michael, the sword guy slashes his legs... Michael gives up bruised and pissed.

Needless to say he didn't dodge a thing and after a gang of bruises the argument was settled.  

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