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RE: (TFT) First Magic Items Purchased

> From: johnnyboytmm@juno.com> > Healing potions. Invariably.

    Now that the healing potions have come up an overwhelming number of times.
Along with charges of over magic'd games.  I feel I must confess.

    In my campaign the contractor that hires the part provides them a two
handled wicker basket full of healing potions.  I like long bloody battles
agains overwhelming odds.  During the chaos rains they get two baskets.

    So as you can see the players don't have to worry about buying them.  As
Steve Jackson imply's in the section on the Labyrinth kit, if the GM expects
you to have it he should probably have a reasonable way to include it.  I, on
the other hand, am meciless when it comes to precise encumberance.

David Michael Grouchy II

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