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RE: (TFT) Theory of dungeons

> sewers interconnecting with old abandoned sub-basements are still my
favorite type of dungeon.


    What if each map could be directly converted to a plot device flow chart.
Each room becomes a member of the towns personal delusion or difficulty they
ask the party to solve.  Multiple levels of the dungeon become climbing up the
social status of the community where the delusions and dificulties become
larger and more dangerous.  I call this "stratospheric design" as its similar
in symbolic logic to the process of climbing to greater heights.

   In the case of your favorite, it would be typical network of gossip that
connects to an old job opening at the keep.  One that is still on the books,
has a strange talent requirement, but the current ruler is unaware of.  A
talent one of the party happens to have.
   Suddenly they have access to the keep.  To the surprise of everyone.
Themselves and the ruler.

   David Michael Grouchy II

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