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Re: (TFT) Jousting

At 13:36 -0400 8/21/08, TFT Digest wrote:
(I've been fooling around with simulating medieval tilting, and have come up with the following system. I'm not sure if the map will format properly...hopefully it will come out if you read it in plain text mode. If the map works, I can post a sample joust to demonstrate how the system works in practice)

This sounds fun.

Can we add a provision that attacking the horse also means a forfeit due to loss of honor? I think that's historical, and would seem like a good idea. (Or maybe this is implicit, and I'm obviously a villain for even bringing it up ;-) .)

However, with a lance, even half of double damage is still going to hurt. I'd say either fine plate and shields are required or lances are prohibited (have to go down to halberds or lesser weapons) if you want to avoid some accidental fatalities. If requiring armor, that puts quite a load on the horse and makes the idea of prohibiting attacks on the horse even more important, so the jouster can leave his barding at home as well.
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