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(TFT) The fourth, a meaning to water

The fourth, a meaning to water
     ``You like
fantasy games?``  The two older girls are talking to Robbie and I.  She has
straight black hair cut close to the shoulders.  She is kneeling down sitting
on her feet with her knees side by side in front of her.  The other girl in
Robbies living room has brown hair and sitting the same way.  They both have
confidence, yet seem interested.
     ``You'r walking through the woods.``
She says. ``Describe these woods.``
     Robbie and I furrow our brows a
little glancing at each other.
     More directly to Robbie she says ``What
kind of trees are there.  Are they thick and overgrown, or spread out and
thin.  Are you just easily walking through the woods, or are you on a path or
wide trail.  Maybe there is no trail and the undergrowth is so thick you are
having trouble getting through.  Are there any animal or bird noises there.``
I flash a scene of redwood trees with zero low limbs and only a canopy out of
sight far above.  The ground is an endless floor of smooth stones round and
flat.  They are palm sized and of different colors.  There is an old man in a
long black robe. He leans on his staff and bends down to pick up a flattened
stone.  Turns it over and examines the bottom.  He sets it back down.  He
picks up another, does the same thing.  Again placing back just the way it
     Robbie says ``Its a pine forest with tall trees.  There is a lot
of undergrowth but I am on a path.  I can hear birds in the trees, and there
are rabbit trails in the undergrowth.``
     She smiles.  ``You travel along
this path and come to a book.  Describe this book.``
     ``Its a large
hardbound book with gold lettering along the spine.``
     ``What do you do
with the book.``
     ``I read it.``
     ``Do you keep it or leave it
     ``I keep it.``
     ``Moving along the path you come apon a
drinking vessel.  Describe this vessel and what do you do with it.``
``Its a Styrofoam cup.  It has some leaves in it and the bottom is busted
out.  I leave it there.``
     The two almost look at each other.  She
continues.  ``The path leads to a body of  water.  Describe this body of
water.  How big is it.  Is it shallow or deep.  Is it clear or muddy.  Can you
see the bottom.``
     ``Its a small lake.  Its deeper in the middle so I
can only see the bottom at the edges.``
     ``There are some berries
growing around the lake.  A bear comes out of the woods and starts sniffing
around in the berries.  Describe this bear.  Is it big or small.``
``Uh. Its an average sized bear.``
     ``What do you do.``
     ``I back
away slowly and see if I can get to the other side of the lake.``  So the lake
is between me and the bear.``
     ``Alright.  The bear goes away.  You
continue on and you find a key.  Describe this key.``
     ``Its an old
fashioned iron key on a ring.  I keep it.``
     ``And last you come upon a
man made object, what is it.``
     ``Its a house!``
     ``Does the key
     ``Yes, the key opens the door.``  Robbie smiles.
     She says
``Alright Robbie.  This was a psychological experiment used by the army on
returning soldiers after world war two.  Im now going to interpret your
results and tell you what they mean.``  She looks into his eyes.  ``Alright?``
``Ok.  Says Robbie with a little nod.
     ``The woods represent your
live.  The trees are the institutions you see in the world around you.  Pine
is fast growing so most of the institutions you are aware of are fairly new.
The underbrush and path represent how much difficulty you have getting through
life.  You are on a path so your life is fairly clear and laid out for you.
You mention seeing rabbit trails in the underbrush.  So you can even see the
path laid out for other people in your life.``
     Robbie looks thoughtful.
``The book represents you education.  You take your education seriously with a
hardbound book . . . `` She glances at the other girl with brown hair for a
second.  ``. . . with gold lettering.  But most important you kept the book.
This means you will take your education with you through your life.  You would
be surprised how many people discard it, or just leave it behind.``
Robbie nods.
     ``The cup represents your sexuality.  I wouldnt worry
about that one too much.  You are still young and there is plenty of time.``
Robbie is perfectly still, not moving and not betraying any sign.
lake represents your friends.  How deep they are and how clearly you
understand them.  Your lake is small, deep in the middle and only clear at the
edges.  You
dont have too many friends, but you do have a small group of
friends, and you understand your casual friends very well.``
Robbie grins and nods.
     ``The bear represents your problems in life and
how you deal with them.  Your bear is average, so you consider yourself to
have average problems, the same as everybody else.  Now a lot of people swim
out into the lake.  If they have a problem they run to their friends.  But you
back away.  So you continue to face your problems, this is alright.  But you
also back away.  So you face your problem, but there is a tendency to act like
it is not really your problem.
     She looks a little sad and shakes her
head slowly.  ``And you went around the other side of the lake.  You put your
friends between you and your problem.  You dont go to your friends for help.
You hide behind your friends.``
     She smiles.  ``The key represents you
finances and how you are going to get what you want out of life.  Yours is a
big ole iron key.  So your financial situation is going to be pretty solid.
And it fit the house, so your finances are going to be used to make a home.``
Robbie catches his breath.  ``That was . . . incredible.``
were done.``  The brown haired girl looks over at the black haired.  ``That
was fun.``
     Black haired ``Thanks for your help guys.``
      They get
up ``Thank you again.``  They leave through the kitchen out the back door.
Robbie turns to me.  ``Im calling Ward.``
     He gets on the rotary phone.
``Ward.  Hey.  Mike and I are coming over.``
     We are sitting
around on the floor in wards bedroom.  Ward is sitting on the edge of the bed
above us.
     Robbie ``This is a psychological experiment they used to give
in the army.  You are walking through the woods.  Describe these woods.  Are
you on a path or making your way through the undergrowth.  Are the trees thick
or sparce.  Are there any dangerous animals in the woods.``
``Yes.  There are Vietcong armed with AK-47s.  And Im not on a path, Im in
a tunnel traveling beneath the woods.  The woods are a thick overgrown
tropical rain forest.``
     ``Are the men a threat?``
     ``Not to me.
I, am a threat, to _ them _.``
     ``Ok.  You come up out of the tunnel and
look around and find a book.  Describe this book.``
     ``Its their
operations manual and inside is a sheet of tracing paper with their troop
deployments on it.``
     ``Do you keep it.``
     ``Damn right I do.``
``You go on some more and you find a drinking vessel.  Describe this vessel.``
``A large pewter stein mug made of pewter.  With a flip top lid, intricate
carvings and paintings all over the outside, and inset with precious gems.``

     ``What do you do with it.
     ``I'll take it with me.``
``You go on and you find a key.  What does the key go to.``
encrypted radio.``
     ``Do you keep it.``
find a lake.  Describe this lake.  Is it big or not.  Can you see the
     ``Ermmm, Its not small, but I can see the bottom Ok.``
``Is it very deep?``
     ``A little.  Over my head in the middle.``
``Out of the woods comes a bear.  Is it big or small, mean or nice.  Describe
this bear.``
     ``Its a 4 meter Kodiak up on its hind legs and roaring.
It has teeth like daggers and one paw is the size of my chest.  And boy, is it
pissed off.``
     ``What  do you do.``
     Ward leans forward and growls
``I kill it with my bare hands.``
     ``You go on into the woods and you
find a man made object in a clearing in the woods.  Describe this manmade
     ``Its a kind of office building and its taller than the
     Robbie.  ``Ok. The woods represent your life.  You dont have
a path laid out for you in your life.  The trees represent the institutions in
the world around you, and the underbrush the difficulty of getting around.
But you have made your own tunnel to get under it all.``
     Ward nods.
``The book is your education and you kept it, with is right.  The mug is your
sex life.``  Robbie looks impressed.  ``It's the best one I've ever heard of.
Oh, by the way, if you give this test to a girl use a knife instead of a
     Ward shrugs.

     ``The key is your finances and how you get what you want.  Your key
goes to a house.  So you want a house with your money.  The lake is your
friends.  The lake is not too big so you dont have too many friends. ``
Ward nods.
     ``The water was crystal clear so you can see through you
friends quite easily.``
     Ward furrows his eyebrows and looks at me.
``The bear is your problems.  You have huge problems.  But you can also
overcome them with your own hands.  So it doesnt matter.  And the tall
building is where you feel most at home.  It was taller than the institutions
around it.
     Ward looks doubtful.

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