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(TFT) Fifth water, clarify ourselves

Fifth water, clarify ourselves

     ``Guys the renaissance man is a myth.  No one can be a Doctor, Lawyer,
engineer, chemist, Virtuoso, Olympic Athlete, Research Scientist, and Artist
all at once in this day and age.  There is too much specialization.  I mean,
there are hundreds of degrees within the field of engineering alone.``

     Robbie, Ward, and Jimmy are just looking at me.

     ``The closest we ever get was when Robert Miles and Robbie would tell
physics riddles during recess.``

     Now they look worried.  This is not a game scenario.

     Robbie says ``But you told us about Architecture and Highway
construction.  Remember?  I said I will figure a way to get us to space and
you said you would design the space stations.``

     ``I remember.``  I face Ward.  ``Ward.  You always read the news, you are
always up on world events.  Didn`t you have a teacher with some Vietnamese
students who were falling behind.  And you said to her `look there is a
Vietnamese edition of this math book` and she said `yes but they won`t get it
for me.`  So you started writing you own letters to embassies and
representatives and got some copies for her anyway.``

     Ward.  ``Yeah.  So.``  He sounds worried that I have a plan.

     ``Jimmy.  You are always on top of anthropology.  Following the
atrocities around the world, and decoding music.  Weighing the costs in
destroyed families and writing stories that open peoples eyes and make them
feel they can do something.``

     ``Uh . . . hun . . . Sure.``  He sounds uncertain.  What ever I`m getting
at he thinks I`m gonna get someone killed.

     ``Well.``  I make an expansive gesture with my hands.  ``There is no way
any one of us can be a renaissance man.  But what if we form a Renaissance
community.  Each time we get together we brief each other.  We know each other
well enough that we can explain the subtlety of something in a way the rest of
us will get it.``

     The don`t think so.

     ``Like Jimmy, remember when you taught us popping-a-quif in quantum
physics.  How light can be a wave or a particle.  Like a line of football
players sweeping across the field the ball, the particle, is in there
somewhere.  When the ball is down everyone piles on top of it.  All the energy
of the wave colapses into the particle on impact.  You said the physicist
called it popping-a-quif.  The quantum if.``

     He kind of shrugs.  Each one knows this already.

     ``Well you got that out of a book right?  One that took days to read.  We
can give each other these kind of summaries on anything.  Much faster than any
teach could hope too.  Cause they don`t know what we already know and don`t
know as well as we do.  Ward.  You told us about the Afgan resistance fighters
who are trying to push Russia out of Afghanistan.``

     ``Oh, I get it Mike.``  Ward says.  ``You want me to read the newspaper
for you so you don`t have to.``


     Robbie ``I suppose it won`t hurt to try it out.``

     Jimmy ``Sure, what the heck.``

     ``Alright``  I just grin for a moment.  ``I`ll go first.  I figured out
the best way to learn something.  Teach it to someone else.  I just thought
that I understood quadratic equations.  Then this kid next to me in Algebra
asked me for some help.  And after I showed her I understand it better myself.
Not only that.  Teaching someone else is the best way to really retain
something, and study for a test.``

     They are in agreement.

     ``I do remember everyone I`ve taught.``

     ``It`s true, I think.``

     ``You know, now that I think about it, maybe you`re right.``

     ``We will pool our knowledge.  We are our own renaissance group.  Even if
it`s only one of you, I`ll be glad to come over and let you teach me what you
have on your test tomorrow.``

     ``Ward went on to convert to Islam, raised a quarter of a million world
wide to build a new Mosque in Lafayette, Louisiana, and got a couple of laws
passed in the state Legislature so it is no longer illegal for Islamic women
to wear the Hijab if they wish.  The anti-mask law is still on the books.  It
was passed to eradicate the clan, but now there is an exception for religious
habits.  In 1999 He tells me that ``There is something big coming down.  I
don`t know what it is, but something big is happening.``  In Oct 2001  2002
he is the go to guy for the local news when ever they want the Islamic

     Jimmy Flammang gets his degree in Micro Biology to ``Learn the secret of
life so I can keep Jerry Garcia alive forever.``  After working in the crime
lab for the State Police for years as their Head programmer Jerry Garcia died.
Jimmy Goes back to school, gets a law degree, and is now a specialist on
patented organisms and enzymes.

     Robbie goes on to become a polymer physicist building new materials from
the atomic level up.  He winds up working on a particle accelerator in
Pittsburgh doing research for Pittsburgh steel.

     Darryl owns and operates his own cafi` in Tennessee with his little
brother Grahm.  Ice tea is still on the menu.

     Mark owns his own business and fields two cellular tower climbing crews.
They work the continental US and Alaska.

     Joel owns his owned his own construction company in Florida.  I remember
before his wedding he looked up at the vaulted ceiling of the church and said
``I could build this.``  He retired early and now is a very expensive and
sought after cabinet maker.

     This is what role playing can lead too.  A knowledge pool.

David Michael Grouchy II

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