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(TFT) Staffs

Haven't had time to dig up my old dungeon of illusional twists and turns yet,
but I haven't forgotten it!

Staffs: How about distance?  If a wizard has a two meter pole with metal at
the other end, does it hurt his DX? (I'd rule that the rule says "carrying",
therefore it's a magical law related to carrying and not to distance and thus
the length of the halberd doesn't help any.)

How about this, though, and for some reason this never came up to me before.
Is a staff immutable?  Could you take a haft / shaft, get it all ready for the
metal head, then cast staff on it, then put the metal head on (without in any
way altering the wood of the staff-haft: all holes are pre-drilled before the
spell is cast, no lathe work,etc)....  Now you can claim the staff itself has
not been changed.

My ruling would be that you can do that, but the head is clearly not part of
the staff (wasn't even there for the spell, right?) and not magical in any
way.  Meanwhile, the wiz is "carrying" the metal head (on the end of his
woodenstaff), so he's at -4DX...  But if he hits someone with the butt of the
staff, it works per staff.  And woe betide the enemy who picks it up by the
shaft, spell casting is allowed, etc...

("ooooOH, a wizard's staff has a knob on the end, a knob on the end!"  -
Pratchett )

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