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Re: (TFT) Staff and Pole Ax

I busted out the "fantasy Master's Codex 1981"  which is mainly just a bunch of tables indexing the data in TFT, but also has a Q&A section at the end.

The official Metagaming (post SJ) position on Staff answers a question on whether it can be cast on a quarterstaff, bow, or crossbow.

The answer is Quarterstaff- yes - for a wizard with the talent it now is a 2 die quarterstaff, (implied is that without the talent it is a regular 1 d staff)

Bow - yes, but -2dx to use as a staff

Crossbow - NO - the metal prevents the staff spell

The crossbow answer should settle tghe axe query - NO the metal axe prevents the staff spell.

As to the possibility of enchanting a shaft and attaching an axe head, I would rule sure, go right ahead.  The weapon can then be used as a regular axe (-4 without the skill, and metal restrictions on magig use, as per usual) which would get NO BENEFIT from the spell (since the damage from an axe is not delivered by contact with the enchanted wooden piece).  Or it can be used as a regular wizards staff by the wizard to do 1d, by hitting the opponent ith the shaft end, however the big hunk of metal on the user end makes the whole thing -4 to weild.

The explodey rules would still apply to the shaft, regardless of how the weapon was weilded.

Thats my take on it anyway.

Somewhere in the archives the quarterstaff thing was already discussed and someone (Erol I think) mentioned that they houseruled only one staff pe mage at a atime, and most took the quarterstaff talent to use that version, but that those who did not, used a wand version, due to the houserule that a wand could be retained and used in HTH rather than dropped like quarterstaff. i like that rule.


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