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RE: (TFT) Courtly Love as Magic

> From: hulkasgt@yahoo.com


> When she was finished she gave the glove to the Knight, and the Glove was
really a DAZZLE GEM.

     In my experience the glove is really a prepared trap so they can possess
my mind.  Of course their being IQ 20 so they can are wize enough to prepare
the item gives them a huge advantage over me in the first place, but the trap
just seals the deal.  I recommend accepting the full loss of will and embrace
the every whim of your controller.

     But that's just me.

    In the case of courtly love as celebrated in poem, play, and song in the
romantic pre-renaissance traditions of France, tokens of love and esteem are a
social matter.  While the roots and history of the political nature of what is
typically called courtly love are not pertinent to this discussion, their use
as a political device is.  Arranged marriages long considered a legitimate
form of political expression is portrayed as a sin where the Lady is forced to
marry in the absence of amore.  A token from the lady to a suitable noble is
saying two things.  First, that I feel something for you as a person, and not
because my parents are making me.  And two, that in defiance of tradition I am
expressing my feelings, worse I am expressing them publicly.  This is akin to
modern times of listening to loud music in the 50's and leaving the house in a
mini skirt.  The parents are furious, and the grand parents are fainting dead
away from shock.  The giving of a glove or scarf is Rock music, and
    And in that sense it is more than just a magic item.  It is a social act,
one that intends to change society and what is acceptable in that society.
Like marching against nuclear weapons in the 60's.  To have a daughter who
acts thus is the same as her saying I will not obey my parents, neither will I
obey my husband, I believe Eve knew better than God, and tradition be damned.
But of course as we all know, once the most popular girls do this, they all
start doing it, and pretty soon they are the rightful leaders of the new
    The act of bestowing a favor on her champion is an act of defiance to the
old Roman laws that women and children are property.  To be seen and not
heard.  This act shows that not only is it right and good for me to be seen,
but that the expression of my feelings can even be a blessing to the one who
receives it.  In later generations this escalates to written letters, full
poems, and even publicly recited songs.  When Jane Austin wrote a best selling
novel, the entire ancient world collectively rolled over in it's grave.

     +1 charm
     Limited to those who feel women are more than property, and the one she
bestows it on
     Limited to those who don't

David Michael Grouchy II

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