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RE: (TFT) Justifying an aspect of combat...

> From: joel.siragher@gmail.com

> Subject: (TFT) Justifying an aspect of combat...


> After years of play, I just realized something.

> Combat is only based on your ability to hit, and it doesnt take your

> opponents dex into consideration.


> Did I forget something?


> If not, how do you justify?

   Justify what.  You have yet to make a convincing argument that something is

   Now that I reread it let me rephrase that.  Forget convincing.  You haven't
even made a tenuous or weak argument.  In fact I see no argument what so

   Why are you trying to get us to swing at a pitch in the dirt.  This isn't
like you at all.  Watch though, I bet a lot of people will rush to respond to
what ever it is you haven't actually said.

David Michael Grouchy II

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