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Re: (TFT) Justifying an aspect of combat...

Dear David,

 > > From: joel.siragher@gmail.com
 > > After years of play, I just realized something.
 > > Combat is only based on your ability to hit, and it
 > > doesnt take your opponents dex into consideration.
 > David Michael Grouchy II wrote:
 > You have yet to make a convincing argument that
 > something is amiss.

Is that really needed?  In a friendly forum like this?

I think it's clear that Joel is addressing an issue of a perceived weakness of "realism" in the combat system. The weakness in question seems pretty evident to me, so establishing that with a geometric proof would seem tedious at best.

By the same token, I suspect your stance is that Joel has missed the primary goal-set of the TFT combat system.

I have always held the opinion that the goal of the TFT combat system is "speed and ease of use through simplicity".

I also think it is fairly common knowledge that these two goals (realism and playability) are often at odds with each other, requiring some kind of trade-off in any game design. In the business, I believe this is usually referred to as "abstraction".

So if I've sussed yours and Joel's stances correctly, my response would be something like this:

"Yes, it's a bummer we can't show that a master swordsman or someone with amazing reaction speed is likely to avoid being hit by a total newbie in a sword fight. But if we wanted that level of detail then we'd take something like Rolemaster and add four more books of rules to it, and single combat would take a weekend or some serious computer support to play. Melee is about gettin' it done quickly. Detailed realism simply takes a back seat here."

My apologies if anything here is seen as disrespectful, as it was not intended as such. Perhaps a tongue-in-cheek moment here or there, but again, not intended as an overt thing in any way.

And if I've missed your mark, David, I do look forward to being educated as to what you really were driving at. 'Cuz I do love your posts and your perspective on the game.

- Steve M.
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