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RE: (TFT) Justifying an aspect of combat...

>   > David Michael Grouchy II wrote:

>   >

>   > You have yet to make a convincing argument that

>   > something is amiss.

> From: skmpu@bhmk.com


> I think it's clear that Joel is addressing an issue of a perceived

> weakness of "realism" in the combat system.

   So you are interpreting for him now?  He can't speak for himself?  Is he
suddenly made of sugar and will melt under cross examination so that you have
to step in and be his champion?

1)  I think it is more than fair to ask him to actually state what he thinks
is wrong.  To define his terms.
2)  Further he should provide even one case of supporting evidence for what
ever it is he thinks needs "justification".
3)  Maybe then we should even be allowed to have the even handed opportunity
of debating  it with him.

David Michael Grouchy II

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