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Re: (TFT) Justifying an aspect of combat...

Dear David,

You're cute when you're riled up.  :-)

 > So you are interpreting for him now?

I was interpreting for myself. It's a requirement in order to communicate in this medium. Y'know, that whole think-in-images vs. convey-in-words dilemma.

And then I was feeding those interpretations back into the conversation, giving the original authors the opportunity to correct my misinterpretations. Sort of a confirmation thing.

 > He can't speak for himself?  Is he suddenly made of sugar
 > and will melt under cross examination so that you have
 > to step in and be his champion?

Uhm...champion? It would seem that you appear to have overlooked that I *disagreed* with him.

:: giggle ::

Have a great day, gents. This thread has been interesting but I will settle for simply absorbing everyone's thoughts on the matter for potential deployment or dismissal in my own games.

Best Regards to all.

- Steve M.
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