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Re: (TFT) E-Mail delay

On Mon, 08 Sep 2008 18:30:13 -0400
"David O. Miller" <davidomiller@verizon.net> wrote:
> I have a simple question. Is it just me or does posting on this site  
> take forever? I'll write a post, send it, and it finally shows up over  
> an hour later. Is this a function of the server you use Joe?

I do have the server filtering about 75% of the spam it receives using a
technique called greylisting(*) which adds a delay.

> It's just difficult to carry on a conversation sometimes. Someone  
> posts, I'll reply, while I'm waiting for my response to show up the  
> other person posts again. Can be so frustrating that I've given up  
> posting sometimes.

I'm sorry about that.  I've added you to the whitelist, which will have
your mail bypass the delay.  If anyone else has a similar problem, just
let me know and I'll do the same.

(*) Greylisting (or graylisting) is a method of defending e-mail users 
against spam. A mail transfer agent (MTA) using greylisting will 
"temporarily reject" any email from a sender it does not recognize. If 
the mail is legitimate, the originating server will try again and the 
email is accepted. If the mail is from a spammer it will probably not 
be retried since a spammer goes through thousands of email addresses and 
can not afford the time delay to retry.
  - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greylisting

       Joe Hartley - UNIX/network Consultant - jh@brainiac.com
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