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Re: (TFT) The Lost Orb - A TFT Mass Combat Scenario

Looks cool, thanks for the heads up.

--- On Mon, 9/8/08, David O. Miller <davidomiller@verizon.net> wrote:

> From: David O. Miller <davidomiller@verizon.net>
> Subject: (TFT) The Lost Orb - A TFT Mass Combat Scenario
> To: "Melee&Wizards" <tft@brainiac.com>
> Date: Monday, September 8, 2008, 2:45 PM
> Hey everyone. I just posted a new scenario to my web site
> that uses my  
> mass combat rules. Here's the link:
> http://www.meleewizards.com/scenarios.html
> It's called "The Lost Orb".
> There is a pdf copy available to download on my site.
> I'm including  
> the raw text as well below. This scenario has been
> extremely well play  
> tested over many, many years. Believe me, it's a blast
> to play!
> Hope you all enjoy it,
> David O. Miller
> www.meleewizards.com
> The Lost Orb
> A Melee/Wizards mass combat scenario
> by David O. Miller
> In the early days of Thorsz the First Orbs of great power
> were created  
> to increase his control over his empire as quickly as
> possible. He  
> sent powerful wizards controlling these Orbs throughout his
> empire to  
> tame, civilize and eventually control the surrounding wilds
> and its  
> people. Over the past several hundred years these Orbs were
> long  
> forgotten, forgotten until the great wizard warlord Malgor
> rose to  
> power. Malgor seeks to find all of the forgotten Orbs and
> use their  
> combined power to enslave all living creatures and bend
> them to his  
> will. Through the raising of his mighty undead army Malgor
> is getting  
> closer and closer to achieving his goal of domination. The
> only hope  
> of the living is to find and gather the remaining Orbs
> before Malgor  
> does. Thus the "unholy alliances" of men, orcs,
> dwarves, goblins and  
> elves have been formed to not only fight Malgor's ever
> advancing army  
> but to search for the hidden resting places of the
> remaining Orbs of  
> power.
> One such Orb has been located deep in a remote area of the
> Northern  
> range of the Dwarrow Delve Mountains. Moving quickly an
> alliance of  
> different races force march their way to the ancient site
> of the  
> discovered Orb. Tensions run high amongst the odd group as
> mistrust  
> and old insults resurface. It is rumored that the ancient
> Orbs will  
> grant the person holding it immense power. Power that could
> be used to  
> settle some old scores as well as fight off Malgor and his
> armies.  
> When they reach their destination, however, they quickly
> learn that  
> Malgor has learned of the location of this particular Orb
> as well, and  
> has sent some of his minions to collect it....
> It is the recovery of this Orb and be the last team
> standing that is  
> the quest of this scenario.
> ___________________
> All players start out in a very shaky alliance to recover
> the Orb of  
> power. The game starts with all figures being placed on the
> edge of  
> the board. Figures are placed one at a time in a round
> robin  
> procedure. Determine who places first with a simple dice
> roll. This  
> board should be of a somewhat circular nature and have a
> small hill  
> located in the middle, a couple of levels high. The board
> can also  
> contain whatever terrain features you wish such as trees,
> rocks, etc.  
> The figures do not need to be grouped together by team as
> it is  
> assumed they start the game allied with each other and have
> just  
> arrived at the scene, surrounding the location from all
> different  
> directions. In the center of the board on a small hill is
> the pedestal  
> holding up the Orb. It is surrounded by numerous undead
> skeletal  
> warriors of Malgor. Before the Orb can be picked up by
> anyone all of  
> the undead warriors must be destroyed. If a figure picks up
> the Orb  
> before the skeletons are all slain that figure will be
> killed  
> instantly. (The skeletons had just started a mystic
> procedure know  
> only to them and Malgor to metaphysically attune themselves
> to the  
> Orb. This connection to the Orb allows only them to use it
> until they  
> are all destroyed.)
> At any time during the combat the alliance can and should
> be broken.  
> Just remember that the Orb can not be taken until all
> skeletons are  
> destroyed. The winner will be the last team standing in
> possession of  
> the Orb. If the players are not careful the skeleton
> warriors could  
> possibly win this scenario.
> The Orb will grant different magical powers to different
> people. Or it  
> might not grant any power at all. The power granted will be
> totally  
> random. A figure holding the Orb must have one free hand to
> hold it,  
> therefore if he is using a 2 handed weapon or a shield he
> can not pick  
> up the Orb. Use a small marker to represent the Orb and
> which figure  
> is holding it. (We use a small glass bead with some sticky
> tack on it  
> to attach it to the miniature.)
> ___________________
> Here are some suggested rules for the terrain. Feel free to
> adjust  
> them however you'd like:
> The board has many terrain features such as a hill, trees
> and rocks.  
> The hill works this way: +2 DX to hit from above, -2 Dx to
> hit from  
> below, movement and engagement rules are not affected one
> level up or  
> down. You can move up or down one level at a time with no
> penalty. You  
> can not move up two levels all at once. You can jump down
> two levels  
> but you must roll 3D6 vs DX or fall when you land.
> Engagement rules do  
> not work over two levels.
> The trees will offer some protection from missile fire, -4
> DX to fire  
> through hexes containing trees. You can move through tree
> or bush  
> hexes at the cost of two points of movement per hex. You
> can not,  
> however, stop in a hex with a tree or a bush. Large rocks
> will block  
> all missile fire and can not be entered.
> ___________________
> There are a total of eight skeletons surrounding the Orb.
> The six with  
> swords are adjacent to the Orb, the two with spears are
> standing on  
> opposite sides of the Orb, adjacent to at least one of the
> sword  
> wielding skeletons.
> 6 Skeletons:
> ST	12		Broadsword 2
> DX	12 (10)		
> IQ	8		Leather 2
> MA	10 (8)	Small Shield 1
> 2 Skeletons:
> ST	11		2H Spear 1+1
> DX	13 (11)		
> IQ	8		Leather 2
> MA	10 (8)		
> Skeletons are not affected by missile fire, the arrows just
> pass  
> through them. They are brittle however, any hit of 8 or
> more points  
> after armor will shatter them. The tactics for the
> skeletons are  
> simple. They will move to engage any figures that come
> within 5 hexes  
> and they will fight to the death. They will however not
> move further  
> than 5 hexes away from the Orb because they wish to protect
> it. When  
> in doubt as to who they will attack just roll a die. The
> skeletons  
> will not use the power(s) of the Orb.
> ___________________
> This game is balanced for three players but more can easily
> be added.  
> Each player will start with 6 characters and 240 total
> points. Each  
> team should be made up completely of one racial type;
> human, elf,  
> dwarf, orc or goblin. Remember, in my mass combat rules you
> have to  
> start with the Individual Character Points added in to each
> individual  
> character first. (Example: each human has to start at 32
> points.) You  
> then total all of your the Beginning Character Points and
> subtract  
> that from 240 to get your Bonus Points. These Bonus Points
> can be  
> added to your characters with no limitations.
> ___________________
> Orb Special Abilities
> Whenever a figure picks up the Orb for the first time roll
> 1D6 and  
> consult the below chart. Each figure only gets one roll on
> this chart  
> and after he has used up the special power that the Orb
> grants he can  
> never roll on the chart again.
> 1	No Effect!
> 2	Lightning Capability: Figure can suddenly cast 1D6+2
> total points of  
> power. Roll to determine the total 	amount of power figure
> gets.  
> Lightning does 1D6 per point of power used to cast it.
> 3	Armor: Figure temporarily receives extra armor
> protection. Roll  
> 2D6+2 to determine the amount. Armor points will be used up
> as hits  
> are stopped so keep track of the points.
> 4	Hammer Touch: Figure can use 1D6+2 total points of power
> to deliver  
> hand held weapon blows that do an additional 1D6 points of
> damage per  
> point of power put into the spell. Figure must announce the
> amount of  
> power used before rolling to hit. If figure misses target
> then power  
> points are still lost. Roll to determine the total amount
> of power  
> figure gets.
> 5	Teleport: Figure can teleport anywhere on the board once.
> Spell  
> takes effect on figures DX.
> 6	Orb reacts badly to the figure and cause 1D6+2 points of
> damage!  
> Because its an electrical shock armor does not stop this
> damage.
> Scenario by David O. Miller      www.meleewizards.com
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