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(TFT) Fumble vs. Realization

Fumble to use
Realization while using

     I am in favor of rules variations.  I am against rules variations as the
exclusive goal of any creativity.  Particularly at the expense of creativity

     These sophomoric attempts at solutions to undefined problems are counter
productive and abusive to players.  Instead of getting an opportunity to
participate in a New Movie, they are repeatedly asked to admire the perfection
of the New Camera design.  I admit that Camera Design is important in making a
Movie.  But this relentless rabid and reckless fascination with the latest
cameras comes at the expense of any actual movies being made.

     You know what I don't see.  I don't see people watch a movie and say
``that should have been shot with a new camera.``  I haven't seen this, heard
of it, or read about it.  Ever.  What makes a movie believable or not is the
portrayal, the performance, and the premise.  Now these things I have heard
discussed a lot.  In fact in every single other form of entertainment, besides
ours, this is almost all that is discussed.  Even though our game defines it
as the willful suspension of disbelief.

     This is not too  much to ask of your players, and they will grant it
willingly.  But farm more often all I see are GMs abusing their players with
new rules.  ``Ok guys here are your own photocopies breaking down the new DX
rules.``  A bunch of players shifting uncomfortably and wondering why they are
being punished.  Instead of allowed to play.  Hell most GMs don't even make
copies.  Lots of queries to the GM start to preface every action.  ``Ok. . .
uh . . . If I do this & this, then it works like that?``  And the GM adjusts.
``No. . .  see . . . blah, blah, blah.``  And he quotes his own words, already
written down, to them.  Again.

     Who's idea of fun or realism is this.  But ask them.  Ask why do you do
this.  Instead of relying on our suspension of disbelief why do you do this?
And they will say they do it for realism or fun.  It is painful to watch
people lie to themselves.

     So I have seen GMs run great campaigns without even opening a book.
Fantastic sweeping epics that have everyone amazed at the end.  How did you do
that!?  And he holds up a single index card that says ``players must go to
Alaska to get tires.``  Or when we realized during play that the GM had fooled
us.  That the whole world had in fact not come to an end, and been overrun by
mutants.  Just Louisiana.  Walled off, the state had been converted to the
toxic waste dump of the planet.  Everyone else was modern and normal with the
occasional vacation to Japanese hot tubs on the moon.

   See that's the difference.  During a memorable game the players can figure
something out.  Discover some secret woven into the campaign.  They realize a
larger more profound statement the GM is making.  Or, they can fumble around
with new mandatory rule variation nine - oh - four.  I mean is anyone
seriously going to tell me that their players have zero interest in a story
with substance, while clamoring for an active defense rule for DX.   Can
anyone even produce one player who expressed that before this date?

     So ask yourself.  What do you want to see your players doing.  Fumbling
around trying to use a new rule variation, or making an insightful realization
while playing in your campaign.  And if you try to weasel out of answering
this question to yourself by saying ``Well I don't have any players`` then
maybe the question will serve as a guide to show you why.

     Let the players participate in the movie.  Only one expert camera
operator is required.  Structuring your movie / campaign as a remedial course
on camera construction is not too cool.  If you want to get a blazing
discussion on various game designs, then by all means this is the place to do
it.  But not at the expense of ignoring every substantial and creative idea
ever presented here.  I have never wanted any bylaws on this forum.  But I
wrote one as an example of what I want to see.

Bylaw number three
   You must reply to any non rules variant post, even if two other people have
already replied to it, so that every post has a least three responses.

   Take David O. Millers current post.  One response.  You guys are an

David Michael Grouchy II

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