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Re: (TFT) Fumble vs. Realization

This response is painfully off-topic...
Quoting David Michael Grouchy II <david_michael_grouchy_ii@hotmail.com>:

     You know what I don't see.  I don't see people watch a movie and say
``that should have been shot with a new camera.``  I haven't seen this, heard
of it, or read about it.  Ever.  What makes a movie believable or not is the

You do not watch movies (or plays or TV shows, etc.) with the people I watch
them with. Then again,
I work in theatrical lighting now, so a LOT of what gets discussed are technical
aspects of various
productions, as well as how those technical aspects help, or hinder, the
'believability' you mention. Strangely, those things you say get discussed
almost never get discussed by the people I work with.
The 'camera' is important to the game. D&D campaigns don't run a lot like TFT
campaigns, which bear no resemblance to C&S campaigns, etc. That's all fine, we don't just watch comedies all the time, either.
But this list is specifically geared towards TFT, which is, nearly by
definition, one 'camera' that's used for roleplaying games. There's lots of
other media available to discuss general topics in roleplaying -- maybe even
such ideas as which system to use to best effect for one sort of campaign or
another. But I think it's pretty inevitable that mechanics will be discussed on this list. (You wouldn't believe that hacks some people submit their production
equipment to in order to get particular effects...)

I may comment on what I think of various mechanics, but don't take those out of
context. They're personal opinions, and I have no desire to make people run
their own campaigns differently. As anyone who's been following the list knows,
I run a pretty standard game, but even I have tweaked the rules in ways that
make my campaigns run better. Which is the acid test.
Neil Gilmore
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