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RE: (TFT) Variants = flavor of the age

--- david_michael_grouchy_ii@hotmail.com wrote:
>How do we explain the 8 point variation in starting MEN
>(mankind is a better word.)  Are those points EDUCATION, SOCIAL STATUS, WEATH,
>LIFESTYLE?  What are they.  Do we mean to continue with the 8 points as the
>normative spread of genetic variation?

Actually, I thought it was fairly clear in TFT that this was the starting 
point recommended, but not necessary, for beginning adventurers who are
above average for whatever reason, the reasons to be explained by the
encouraged-but-not-enforced character story as suggested in ITL. GM's may
allow players to start with more or less points, but those are the 
suggestions for starting adventurers. Average humans are defined as 30 
points, typically ST 10 DX 10 IQ 10 (I tended to give non-hero men ST 8-12 
depending on profession and non-heroine women ST 8-10 and maybe more DX or 
IQ, or not, depending on how well I imagined they'd coped with their cultural 
situation). It also seemed to me that if you have a mean and average around 
30 and then the heroes and successful professionals higher than that, that
there would be a fairly high number of unsuccessful folks with lower than
30 points.

The hard limit of the race definitions seemed to be the minimum attribute 
levels - no dwarves under ST 10, etc. Also we noticed that starting figures
of some races seemed particularly weak, and/or needing to usually put most
of their points to compensate for especially weak minimums. Hobgoblins were
a joke we had a lot of fun playing with (we had almost zero prootwaddles).

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